Neville: Selling Matic The Biggest Mistake Chelsea

Neville: Selling Matic The Biggest Mistake Chelsea

Phil Neville revealed if Chelsea’s defeat of AS Roma occurred because the team has lost the main midfield midfielder teamĀ Agen Baccarat Online Indonesia .

Where, according to former retainer of Manchester United dab Everton is selling Nemanja Matic to the rivals at the beginning of the season judged as the worst decision.

“What’s wrong with Chelsea? One word, Matic. When they sold it to United, then they too have made the biggest mistake, “said Neville told local media.

Last season Matic duet with N’Golo Kante in midfield Chelsea and able to make the Blues won the English League. But this season, the team decided to sell Matic.

And as a quarantine, Chelsea bring Timoune Bakayoko, but Neville claims if Bakayoko has a different type of Matic.

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