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Zidane: I’m Not The Best Coach In The World

Zidane: I’m Not The Best Coach In The World

Zinedine Zidane does not believe that he is the best coach in the world despite winning the FIFA 2017 Best Coach award earlier this week.

The French-born coach confirmed how he did not like to talk about individual rewards, and stressed that this was a team effort.

“I received the award and I think it is in recognition of the work we did last season,” Zidane told reporters who met him.

“We have won many trophies together as a team and I am very happy.”

“But if you ask me if I am the greatest coach in the world, then I will answer no and that is because I am sure there are other coaches who are better than me.”

“If in 10 years from now I still train and keep winning, we can talk about it, so for now I’m not the best in the world.”

“What caught my attention was to keep working hard and enjoying work.”