Wenger Question Chelsea’s decision to remove Nketiah

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, admitted confused with Chelsea’s decision to release Eddie Nketiah. However, he also felt relieved that Arsenal could get a chance to get the talented player.

Eddie Nketiah became a byword when his two goals led Arsenal to the next round in the League Cup. Nketiah emerged as the savior of the Gunners in the final minutes of the game. The 18-year-old attacker forced the game continued into extra round and dedicate victory to Arsenal.

However, Nketiah is not the original product of Arsenal’s academy. Nketiah studied in West London with Chelsea. He was released in 2015 because it is considered too thin. Luckily, Arsenal can secure the services of the players.

“I do not understand why Chelsea dumped Eddie Nketiah. We are increasingly seeing young players move from one club to another, “Wenger said.

“I am very happy for Nketiah and the team. We are stuck in the idea and can not break through the Norwich defense. ”

“I know he can score goals and have a good character. He is not afraid of opponents. He plays without burden, therefore Nketiah deserves a chance ”

Positive performance shown Nketiah chance to get a chance to play Arsenal defend in the Premier League.

Source: Metro

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