Nicol: Klopp will be fired Liverpool soon

Football legend The Reds, Steve Nicol sure if Jurgen Klopp failed to bring his team through the top four at the end of the season will be fired.

Since imported two seasons ago to replace the role of Brendan Rodgers, the German man is successfully turning the Merseyside club into a dangerous team. Evidently the team captured Jordan Henderson directly advanced to the two final parties in the League Cup and also the Europa League, but unfortunately in the top party they must swallow defeat of his opponent.

Even so, manajamen still believes it by providing a new long-term contract extension with his two assistant coaches. The result is in addition to the freedom to bring players, Jurgen also successfully send Liverpool Liverpool through the big four end of last season. Where to make them this season again competed in the Champions League 2017-2018.

But unfortunately his coaching career at Anfield at this time began to doubt because his team in the last few games reap negative results in all competitions. Even many who say poor performance of Liverpool lately because the coach refused to bring world-class defender in the summer transfer market.

Although Klopp continues to be rumored to be fired in the near future and also speculation will train Bayern Munich, Nicol, one of the club’s legend, feel the management will still provide the opportunity until the end of the season.

“No. At least his career at Anfield will be decided until the end of the season, “Nicol told local media.

“But I predict that the next season, if he fails to penetrate the top four, he will be fired immediately.

“Yes, if I were the director of the club, I would give it another 18 months.”

Meanwhile, Nicol is now 55 years old also furious with the defense team that he once defended now.

“How many times do I have to comment on things like this,” commented Nicol about the Reds defense.

“On the front lines they are good. For defense, there is nothing to discuss. You can see for yourself in every game. ”

Until the seventh week of the Premier League this season, they must be satisfied perched in the seventh rank. The situation is getting tougher for Klopp, where after the International break his team has to face two heavy games, namely Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

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