Revealed, Ferguson Tortured Ronaldo to Become a Tough Player at MU

Cristiano Ronaldo never forget to show his love for former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson every time he met Agen Ibcbet. Apparently he realized that it was Ferguson who made him into a player like now.

Interestingly, Ronaldo Ferguson formed in a way that is not fun at all. In fact, arguably this way will not be liked by any player.

Yes, joined in 2003, Ronaldo directly given the number seven jersey at MU. Ferguson knows the Portuguese could be the next Old Trafford legend.

However, the Scottish manager felt Ronaldo was too whiny in the field. So he told senior players like Roy Keane and Rio Ferdinand to give him ‘lessons’ during training sessions.

“The coaching staff were told to close their eyes when Ronaldo was ruled out in training sessions, the senior players kept on fighting him and the staff deliberately did not stop the game session,” Tony Coton, former MU coaching staff, told the Daily Mail.

“We know Ronaldo is angry and he does not know if that’s all Ferguson’s direction, but slowly but surely, Ronaldo is a tough figure at MU,” Coton added.

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