Ramos: I Believe Ronaldo Not Diving

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos took part in a second yellow card given by referee Cristiano Ronaldo for diving in the penalty box against Barcelona Agen Judi.

Just two minutes after Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal that brought Madrid back ahead against Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup, at Camp Nou, early Monday morning, the Portuguese star must be willing to end the game because it is considered diving when scrambling ball with Samuel Umtiti in the penalty box .

Unmercifully, referee Ricardo De Burgos gave a second yellow card to Ronaldo who had previously pocketed a yellow card after a celebration by removing the jersey.

“I was a bit away, but I think there was a contact and Ronaldo lost his balance, and there was no time he was diving,” he said.

“It’s a big call to drive a key player in a Clasico with 10 players left, when there’s a lot of things to bet on. It has to be seen in a different way, “he said.

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